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Products Fire Extinguishers

12 kg fire extiguisher

12 kg portable fire extinguisher

Portable fire extinguisher 6kg

Normal powder fire extinguisher contains 6kg powder

Fire Ball Extinguisher

Elide Fire Ball, Self Activation Fire Extinguisher, 2018 New Version, Boat Extinguisher, Car Extinguisher, Fire Safety Product, Elide

Wetchemical Based Portable Extinguishers​

Ceasefire’s Wet Chemical Based Fire Extinguishers are specially designed to fight oil fires in kitchens. When set against a fire, the specialised foam extinguishing agent in these extinguishers smothers the fire by cutting off the oxygen supply and bringing the surrounding temperature to below combustion levels within seconds. Being a de-greasing substance, the extinguishing agent ensures that the kitchen can be cleaned easily post a fire. Besides the wet chemical foam is over 99% biodegradable, making these extinguishers safe on the environment

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Systems

FM200 Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for Electric Equipment