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Products Siren / Bell

MS-190 Motor Siren

Mini Motor Siren AC 220V 120dB MS-190 Alarm Sound Motor High Power Buzzer Siren

Motor Siren MS-290

Plastic Mini Motor siren MS-290 220V Automotive Air Raid Siren Horn Car Truck Motor Driven Alarm small motor buzzer

MS-390 Electric Motor Siren

MS390 SIREN Motor Siren with the external diameter of 80/100mm which makes the output of 40w sound volume. Suitable for warning information of small hoist,light transfer cars and the inside of small vessel. Body standard color:Red Materials:STEELl&ABS Dielectric strength :500VAC,50/60Hz in one minute Protection class:IP44

Portable Hand Crank Manual Siren

Type: Manual Operated Siren Working Mode: Passive Application: Indoor, Outdoor Working Principle: Hand Operated Transmission Mode: Standalone Alarm Volume (within 1m): ≥110dB

Hand Crank Air Raid Alarm Siren

Loud 139 Decibels Manual Operated Hand Crank Air Raid Alarm Siren With Stand Hand operated siren is designed to provide effective warning in applications where there is no power supply. Powered by rotation the handle,this model has a plate to shut off the sound once up to speed giving it the ability to produce different tones sirens can be mounted on flat surface and on the wall

Indoor Alarm Bell CA6

Indoor alarm bell of 6″. Operating voltage: 24 V /220 V Output volume: 95dBA at 1 meter, 92dBA at 3 meters Operating temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC Humidity: Max. 90% RH Size: 6” (150 mm x 56 mm) Weight: 764 g IP protection: IP33