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12 kg fire extiguisher

12 kg portable fire extinguisher

Portable fire extinguisher 6kg

Normal powder fire extinguisher contains 6kg powder

Dahua Card Access Network Controller

> Support 200,000 valid cards & 150,000 records > CAN bus can cascade 16 sub controller modules > Support multiple cards > Support card, password, fingerprint and combination > TCP/IP interface > Wiegand or RS-485 interface to readers > Door close time out alarm, intrusion alarm, duress alarm and tamper alarm > Global anti-passback, multi-door interlock, multi-personal open, remote verification unlock > Web service can used to configure sub controller > Support 128 efficient time and holiday schedules > Built-in RTC, support DST > Watch dog function ensure device free from halting > Surface mounted installation > Accumulator battery extension > Onvif Profile C, CGI, SDK to the third party platform

DS-K1T803 Fingerprint Access Control Terminal

Communication Interface: Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, RS-485 (For Secure Door Control Unit), Wiegand Output (w26/w34) and Input (Wiegand 26/34, Hikvision Wiegand Protocol) Output Interface: Relay (Lock Output) ×1, Doorbell Output ×1 and Alarm Output ×1 Input Interface: Door Switch Button ×1, Magnetic Door ×1 and Alarm Input ×1 Transmission Rate: TCP/IP, WIFI: 10/100Mbps Self-adaptive, RS-485: 19200 bps-N-8-1

Wall Mounted Fire Hose Reel Cabinet

Matching up with the ever-increasing requirements of the customers, our company is engaged in providing Fire Hose Reel Cabinet.

RFID Proximity Door Entry Access Control System

Operating voltage: DC 12V Unlock current Traditional appearance with useful function and high quality Maximum card-sensing distance: 10cm-20cm 3 options to open your door

Fire Ball Extinguisher

Elide Fire Ball, Self Activation Fire Extinguisher, 2018 New Version, Boat Extinguisher, Car Extinguisher, Fire Safety Product, Elide

Wetchemical Based Portable Extinguishers​

Ceasefire’s Wet Chemical Based Fire Extinguishers are specially designed to fight oil fires in kitchens. When set against a fire, the specialised foam extinguishing agent in these extinguishers smothers the fire by cutting off the oxygen supply and bringing the surrounding temperature to below combustion levels within seconds. Being a de-greasing substance, the extinguishing agent ensures that the kitchen can be cleaned easily post a fire. Besides the wet chemical foam is over 99% biodegradable, making these extinguishers safe on the environment

Aluminum Fire Hose Nozzle

Fire hose nozzle for extinguishing fires Combination fog and straight stream for broad applications Aluminum for resistance to corrosion and chemicals Standard pistol grip and ball shutoff for general applications Flow changes without changing pattern and flushes without shutting down

Fire Hose Reel Cabinet

Stainless Steel

Fire Fighter's Helmet

This European type firefighting helmet is made up of the best quality PET. Four levels damping structure inside of the helmet such as high density foam buffer layer, compensating network buffer, hoop. The shell of the European type firefighting helmet takes usage of the good quality fire insulation composite materials which can resist high temperature of 260°C. It will not drip even being flamed. The knob design inside the helmet is much easier to adjust the size of the helmet. The headband ensures the cool and comfort of our heads. Easy to be taken down for clean. Attached with professional neck scraf.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Systems

FM200 Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for Electric Equipment

Fire Blanket

FEATURES : Glass Fiber Material Quickly Smoothens The fire, Minimize Burn Injuries Helps Prevent Spread Of Fire. THICKNESS : 0.43 MM / 430 GSM MATERIAL : Fiber glass woven fabric, E Glass. SIZE : 1.2 Metres x 1.2 Metres (4 feets X 4 feets) APPLICATION : Suitable For Use In Kitchen, Cars, Ships, Warehouses, Petrol Station and Any Indoor Places. SKU: N/A Categories: Fire Blankets, Safety Products